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As someone who is merely gaming occasionally, say about an hour every few days. A causal gamer can get by with an optical mouse that costs about $10. However, as soon as you start to play more games and are beginning to take gaming seriously. An investment in a gaming mouse is your top priority, especially if you’re a competitive person.

So why buy a gaming mouse? Well, if you play games that need tons of reaction-based actions like person shooters or real-time strategy, then you’ll know that sensitivity and reliability is extremely important. It’s even more so if you’re playing online against real human players when every bit of additional edge counts. It could mean the various between a headshot or an embarrassing miss.

Gaming mice are designed and built differently from regular mice in a number of ways. Efforts are focused on strengthening the varied aspects that are crucial for a mouse when used for a game. Let’s have a glance at a number of these reasons.


A gaming mouse goes through tons more stress than a daily mouse. As it’ll be used for hours on end with tons of movement. It even gets banged onto the desk or abused when the sport you’re playing isn’t going your way! These means wear and tear for the mouse. For these reasons, gaming mice are built to be more solid and sturdy. The buttons are made sturdier. The gliding mechanism is formed to endure long periods of use. These designs prevent the mouse from breaking prematurely and once you need it the foremost.


This can mean various things to different people. Some people like better to play with ultra-high sensitivity on their games. Which requires a little amount of movement on the mouse pad bringing an enormous movement on the screen. Others like professional FPS gamers like better to set their game up with ultra-low sensitivity with tons of precision but huge movements. Most gamers are full somewhere in between.
With an honest mouse, you’ll alter the settings to fit your needs. a number of the simplest gaming mice would even allow you to change sensitivity on the fly during a game. With a gaming mouse, you get the last word control. With a daily mouse, you do not have this luxury.

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A Gaming mouse has more buttons than a daily mouse. you’ll also customize their functions by programming them using software that comes with the mouse. These buttons provide a huge advantage in competitive game because it completely frees you from the necessity to succeed on the keyboard. Everything is at your fingertips. This increases efficiency and ultimately your ability to win. Buttons also are customizable in order that they will be assigned different functions counting on the sport that you simply are playing. Some mice also allow you to possess multiple configuration profiles so you’ll switch them between different games.
The best gaming mouse just like the Logitech g7 even come with customizable weights in order that the load of the mouse is going to be precisely the way you wish it.


Regular mice tend to return in just about an identical shape. all of them seem to be designed the same: a lump of plastic with buttons on them and a wire attached thereto. With gaming mice, there is a variety of variations. Some are designed for people that like better to use a claw grip (holding the mouse with the center and index finger) while others are designed for people that use a palm grip. Some mice are made for users with bigger hands while others are made for smaller hands. the peak of the mouse is different also. These features allow you to use the mouse for extended and stop conditions that arise from the long periods of repetitive moments or sustaining unnatural positions.

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