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Wireless Technology is around us everywhere these days. It’s Literally Around you as you are reading this. If you’re reading on a Mobile Device, you will most likely use a Wi-Fi network to connect to the internet. This Best Budget Router For Your Home is responsible for turning bits of data that come from the Internet into Wireless Signals that Your phone receives and communicates through. But with the latest improvements in Wireless Technology Wifi Routers have gotten faster and Better.

With every generation of Advancement in Wireless Tech, we see a Huge improvement in Speed. These Improvements can make your life soo much easier. But these high Spec routers can cost a pretty penny if you’re not a tech-savvy person. And some of these Features can only be found on top-of-the-line Routers that can cost quite a bit.

Fortunately for you, We’ve Researched all the routers with the best features that are available on the market and Made a Shortlist of the Best Budget Routers For you!

We’ve tried to include routers for basic homeowners who don’t need that much area coverage and will be fine with an entry-level Router. And Routers with Superior tech and coverage for people who need wifi coverage in every corner of their home.

Here is the list of Routers that We’ll Talk about today: 

  1. TP-Link AC1200 (Archer A6) Gigabit Wifi Router
  2. TP-Link N450 WiFi Router
  3. NETGEAR AC1000 Dual Band WiFi Router
  4. ASUS AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Gaming Router
  5. ASUS N300 3 In 1 Wifi Router

TP-Link AC1200 (Archer A6) Gigabit Wifi Router

TP-Link-AC1200-Gigabit-WiFi-Router-Archer-A6 best budget router

Prominent Features:

  • Dual-Band Mu-MIMO Wireless
  • 4 Port Gigabit Switch
  • 4 Omni Directional Antenna for Better Coverage of your Entire Home
  • Guest Wifi Mode

If You’re on a budget and you need a Router that can cover Up to 3 Bedrooms, Then This Router is a Good Option for you. It’s part of TP-Link’s New AC lineup of Wifi Routers That Features Dual Band Wireless Connectivity. Your Devices Can use Both 2.4 and 5 GHz to Connect to the Wifi Network. This Directly Improves the Speed of your connection!

5 GHz Wifi Connection is Rated for up to 1300 Mbps Speed and Lower Latency than 2.4 GHz. This Also Supports a buffer less 4K stream! It features 4 Gigabit LAN Ports so that you can connect your Devices directly over an Ethernet Cable!

So if you have a couple of Devices That you want to connect over LAN, this is a Great Choice! This Router Also has a Guest Wifi Mode that you can use for guests who visit you! This Router has most of the Modern Features people look for these days and Features That’s Future proof. And At Just 50$ the Features and Performances it offers are frankly unbeatable at this Price point! So for people who are looking for a dual-band router from TP-Link, this is a great choice!

TP-Link N450 Budget WiFi Router

TP-Link N450 best budget router

Prominent Features:

  • Reliable, Durable, Solid Connection
  • Rated for up to 450 Mbps of Speed
  • 3 Omnidirectional Antennas for Best Coverage
  • Parental Control
  • 4 Extra LAN ports

Another one from TP-Links is their N450. If you have a small Home or Apartment and don’t need a very powerful router That Even your neighbors can use, Then this is an excellent choice. While This one features less range than Archer A6, it provides a solid, stable, and Fast Connection to its vicinity. It’s Rated for Speeds up to 450 Mbps for bandwidth-intensive tasks Such as gaming, Streaming, etc. And with 4 additional LAN ports, You can even connect Devices over LAN!

Its Build Quality is also nothing to scoff at. With its durable Hard Plastic Build and its Omnidirectional Antennas, it’s a Solid Little router that you can fit almost anywhere. So If you’re looking for a solid, Trusty, Durable, and Reliable Router that Doesn’t need Too many Features to Get Ahead of its competitors then TP-Link N450 is a Solid Choice! 

NETGEAR AC1000 Dual Band WiFi Router (R6080)

NETGEAR AC1000 Dual Band WiFi Router (R6080) best budget router

Prominent Features:

  • Dual-Band Connectivity
  • Low Latency Connection
  • Greater Coverage

NetGear is Known in the networking industry for its Durable and Reliable Devices. From Wifi Routers to HighSpeed Ether Switches. Netgear Products can be Trusted to do the job without too much trouble, And keep Doing the job for a long time. NetGear’s AC1000 Is a Router that Does its job without asking too much. It Features a Pair of Omnidirectional Antenna That Covers Upto 1000 Sqft of Space.

It has Advanced Dual-Band Connectivity and It Can Connect up to 15 Devices Simultaneously and 4 Additional 100 Mbps LAN ports for additional devices. It’s a Perfect Router for a Small house filled with devices. Be it Online Gaming or Streaming Video, this Router Can Handle it without breaking a Sweat. So if You’re looking for a Router that’s Reliable and doesn’t break the Bank This is A Good Option to Consider.

ASUS AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Gaming Router (RT-ACRH12)

ASUS AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Gaming Router (RT-ACRH12) best budget router

Prominent Features:

  • Dual-Band Connectivity
  • Advance MU-MIMO Technology
  • Simultaneous Connectivity
  • Ultra-Low Latency
  • High-Speed Omnidirectional Antenna
  • Parental Control

Asus Makes some Great Routers for Home users. Asus AC1200 is A Reliable Router that Features Dual-Band Connectivity on both 2.4 and 5 GHz Signals. This is a Perfect Router for People whole love to game on mobile devices. It Features MU-MIMO Technology So it can Send and receive a Signal Simultaneously. The Setup of this router is easy, Even a Kid Could do it. It has 4 Omnidirectional antennas that Spread out and Cover the Entire area with Equal amounts of Signals. So If you’re a Gamer And Don’t wanna be held back by your Router then this is a perfect choice for You!

ASUS N300 3 In 1 Home Wifi Router (RT-N12_D1)

ASUS N300 3 In 1 Home Wifi Router (RT-N12_D1) best budget router

Prominent Features:

  • Advance 2T2R-MIMO Tech
  • 3 in 1 Functionality
  • Can Act as a Router, Access Point, or a Range Extender
  • Powerful Omnidirectional Antenna for Maximum Coverage
  • Ultra-Low Latency

If You’re on Budget and Are looking for a Router for your home then this is one router you can consider giving a second thought. Asus N300 Is a Router that Features a Pair of Omnidirectional antennas, 4 Ethernet ports, and a 300 Mpbs Speed Rating. But this is not the Outstanding feature of this router. This Router Extends its functionality as a Standalone Router, Access Point or Range Extender.

It can perform all 3 of these tasks easily with a simple and easy-to-use setup. Its antennas Can cover a wide range of areas and with a Powerful Omnidirectional Range it covers every Direction Equally, It’s A perfect router for a Home Network setup. It also Has 2T2R-MIMO Tech so it can also send and Receive Data simultaneously. This is a Reliable and Powerful Router with Features commonly found in More Expensive routers. So If you’re looking for a Router That’s Very Flexible and can perform as more than just a router with powerful functionalities then the Asus N300 is a Good Choice!

Things You Should Look out For When buying a Router

These Days Most Routers are very easy to use and set up, Also have a Great Range of Functionality. Routers are designed to be as user-friendly as possible so that anyone who can read English can generally use them. There are a couple of things you should look out for when buying a router.

The range is an important deciding factor when buying a router. This Directly determines how powerful the router needs to be to cover your entire home or the areas you need it to cover. Normally, If you know the area of your home or apartment you can do a quick google search to know How Powerfull the router should be.

This Relates to the tech in the router itself. These days Most Modern Routers use what’s called Dual-Band Connectivity. It means that it can connect to devices over both 2.4 and 5 GHz signals. While 5 GHz is a fairly new technology, It’s way faster than 2.4 GHz Signals, It Can Carry more Data and Features a Lower Latency than 2.4 GHz. While More and More Mobile phones and Tablets are Including 5 GHz Wifi Connectivity these days Buying a router that’s somewhat future proof when you’ll need 5 GHz connectivity is a nice Option

Build Quality:
Most Routers a Made of Solid Hard Plastics. As Metal will interfere with the Signals all Routers are normally made with Hard Plastic. But The Build Quality of a Router should be solid, Have next to no Deck Flex, and should have ample Holes to keep the internals cool.

You Should Keep these things in mind when buying a New Budget Router for your Home. Being on a budget doesn’t mean you should Compromise on Quality. There is Always a good router for people on a budget. But Knowing What you want and What you’re looking for exactly in a router helps greatly. With hundreds of thousands of choices, it can be very overwhelming very quickly.

All The Routers we Featured Today were Chosen based on these points. They are All Good Reliable Routers that you can trust to work when you need them to without any hassle. Let Us Know which router You prefer in this list and Why. We’re looking forward to your Response And Happy Shopping.

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